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Mechelle Moore - MDTA Pure RBSD Instructor

MDTA PURE RBSD Instructor - Level 1
MDTA Pure RBSD Certified Instructor in Thailand/Burma. Bringing self defence to those who need it.

Eligible to Instruct as a Private Trainer and run MDTA structured sessions.

Mechelle holds her MDTA Red Belt Instructor Level, and is an MDTA PURE RBSD Instructor Level 1. Eligible to Instruct the MDTA system to the general public and in a speciaslised area. Certified in: Personal Protection - Ground Defence - Basic Third Party Protection, and general Male and Female Reality Based Self Defence.

Mechelle is a certified and registered MDTA Instructor, with proven experience and qualifications in all MDTA Structures and Foundations, MDTA Base Techniques, MDTA Base Systems and Techniques, MDTA Intermediate Systems and Techniques, MDTA Advanced Systems and Techniques as well as a full and thorough knowledge of the MDTA belt systems and Session Structures. Mechelle has graded through the MDTA system and has proven her physical and psychological capabilities to deal with all areas of the physiology and psychology of violence. Undertaking training in dealing with compliant and non-compliant behaviours, with a full understanding and proven application of using assessment measures and threat management when dealing with anger, aggression and violent encounters.

Mechelle also holds her specialist NGO qualification as an NGO Instructor. Teaching young women, students, and adults how to stay aware, protect themselves, and protect others in their care. Mechelle's training and qualifications through Modern Defensive Tactics Australia and the World Combat Association; officially allows her to be recognised as a Certified and Registered MDTA Specialist NGO- Pure RBSD Instructors in Personal Protection, Ground Defence, and Basic Third Party Protection.

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