General Public Training

Reality Based Self Defence


Pure RBSD stands for Pure Reality Based Self Defence. MDTA is often confused with other self defence systems out there. However, it is a system on its own, covering reality based self-defence only.

Pure RBSD is what the general public learn. It is a complete system that looks at the physiology and psychology of real violence. It is based on what MDTA call the F.A.C.T.S and more importantly looks at not only the physical aspects of self-preservation and self-protection. But the legal side to self-defence as a civilian.

Although we do have a belt system in Pure RBSD, it is not the same as a martial art ranking system. It is however a level or grade to show your progress in areas of reality based self-defence training. Many may not see the need for belts, but with our system it is about giving you a goal to aim for, and for you and others to see where you are at. We don't aim for belts; we aim for personal development.

Pure RBSD is simply that, pure reality based self-defence. There are no traditional forms (kata) like a martial art, there are no formalities like bowing and there is no need to learn another language for training purposes.

MDTA's systems are diverse and applicable to real life situations. Our sessions are not simply self-defence classes they are an all-round learning environments that cover not only the physical but the psychological and emotional aspects of aggressive behaviours and violent encounters. Dealing with the realities of self-protection and self-preservation under real violent situations. We train not only in physical techniques; we also train in situational awareness, danger zones, physical confrontational readiness, and your strengths and weaknesses. In real situations and environments.