Self Defence Training

Clubs/Gyms Only

1 off self defence sessions that are run at your club or gym.

Program Outline
Reality Based self defence for dealing with the aggression and violence in society today. We don't just deal with the physical, we also deal with the psychology of anger, aggression, violence and self preservation. This training specifically deals with the self defence strategies and application for real life self defence. Looking at the realities of anger, aggression and how to survive a violent encounter.


MDTA offer Mixed Male and Female or Female Only programs.

Training Packages
All training is run by a qualified instructor.
Diploma of Security & Risk Management.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

We teach
  • Understanding the realities of anger, aggression and violence.
  • How to understand and deal with your fear & adrenaline.
  • Developing environmental & situational awareness.
  • Dealing with compliant, belligerent and non-compliant behaviour.
  • Prevention strategies.
  • Threat assessment measures.
  • Threat management applications.
  • The law & self defence.

  • Training includes the physical techniques required for self defence