Ruth Lesmana

MDTA NGO-RBSD Instructor - Thailand

MDTA NGO-RBSD Instructor - Level 1

MDTA NGO Certified Instructor in Thailand/Burma. Bringing self defence to those who need it. Eligible to Instruct the MDTA system in a speciaslised area. Certified in: Female Personal Protection - Female Ground Defence - Basic Third Party Protection. This certification is authorised based on the techniques required for specified environments within Thailand and Burma.

Ruth is a certified and registered MDTA - NGO/RBSD Instructor - Level 1, with proven experience and qualifications in all MDTA Structures and Foundations in her specialised field including, MDTA Base Techniques, MDTA Base Systems and Techniques, MDTA Intermediate Systems and Techniques, as well as a full and thorough knowledge of the MDTA system and how it needs to be applied to the specified situations and environments in Thailand and Burma.

Ruth has been training in MDTA for 4 years and is a Senior NGO RBSD Instructor, teaching young women, students, and adults how to stay aware, protect themselves, and protect others in their care. Ruth's training and qualifications through Modern Defensive Tactics Australia and the World Combat Association; officially allows her to be recognised as a Certified and Registered MDTA Specialist NGO/RBSD Instructors in Female Personal Protection, Female Ground Defence, and Basic Third Party Protection.

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