Law Enforcement

Professional Law Enforcement Training Only

MDTA Law Enforcement training is about training professional individuals or teams in techniques and systems that will work for them. MDTA law enforcement training is structured in four different fields.

Training For

  • Police.
  • Security Operations.
  • Bodyguards.
  • Special/Tactical Operations.

  • MDTA training does not replace techniques and or systems as provided by current law enforcement training, MDTA is designed to enhance the individuals or team's skills. Unless there is a requirement to introduce new procedures and tactics.

    MDTA training for law enforcement agencies and organisations is delivered based on the organisations Policies & Procedures and within the law relating to the use of force guidelines. Our training systems are developed to answer the questions and equip law enforcement professionals with the needed skills to deal in the area of high resistance defensive tactics training. Covering unarmed defensive tactics, arrest and control, handcuffs, batons, self-defence, search-and-seizure and weapons training. As well as other specialised areas.

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