Online OSA Course

Optimal Situational Awareness Online Training

(This training is 100% online and once registered your employees will have 30 day access to complete their training and undertake their final exam.)

Situational Awareness training is taught to individuals that deal with behaviours of concern, in environments of low, medium to high risk. Having trained situational awareness can give you an edge, an edge to identify behaviours of concern and avoid physical confrontations.

MDTA situational awareness training will teach your staff to determine the difference between odd and suspicious behaviours, and how to identify indicators that require quick intervention to avoid any possible threat.

NOTE: There are NO physical self defence techniques taught in this program, it is all situational awareness only.

Once completed and passed as competent, your employees will receive a PDF Certificate of Completion.

Situational Awareness Training Packages

1 to 10 employees - Cost $75AUD per employee.

11 to 20 employees - Cost $70AUD per employee.

21 to 40 employees - Cost $65AUD per employee.

40+ employees - Cost P.O.A. per employee.

This will be via online training access for 30 days once the employee registers.

  • Optimal Situational Awareness.
  • The OODA Loop.
  • WYORB - The colour code system.
  • Observation skills.
  • Behavioural Analysis.
  • Baselines & Anomalies.

  • (Each unit MUST be completed before accessing the final exam)

    NOTE: Once payment is completed your employee will receive their student login details within 24 hours.