The Primal System

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When the realities of violence are upon you, fancy technique will not deliver what you need to survive.

“Unfortunately sometimes you need to meet violence with violence”.

By training the physiology to respond instinctively with the in built psychology of what is called the IDR (Instinctive Reflex Response), you stand a better chance of reacting to minimize trauma when attacked. You then need to react in survival mode to deal with the attack in an effective way, and with a primal process.

THE PRIMAL SYSTEM, covers the 5 fundamentals of survival.

This DVD Covers: 1. The Primal System Fundamentals 2. The IDR Technique 3. The Launch Technique 4. The Resistance Techniques 5. The Finishing Technique 6. The Exit Technique 7. The Complete System 8. The Power Strike System
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23 Customer Reviews
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