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Violence Evolving

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International Author: Karl Thornton

This is Karl Thornton's first published book on the topic of violence, and the evolution of violence. A factual look at the realities of violence, from a man who has been there, done that.

This publication is not a self-defence book, it does contain information on self-defence, but its main focus is on the evolution of violence from the perspective of Karl Thornton. Karl grew up and was exposed to violence at a young age. And his evolution through violence is a fascinating journey.

Factual information through Karls’ knowledge and experiences as a street thug as a teenager, to defender of trafficked children today. Including his career as a security officer, bouncer, bodyguard, then his journey to where he is now. Training Corporations and the general public in the realities of violence and self-defence. And also being a current operational operative in the dark and dangerous world of Anti-Human trafficking.

Karl has also put his life on the line on many occasions to rescue children from the child sex trade. The information in this publication is based on real firsthand accounts of violence in its worst form.

There are 17 chapters covering information and real stories about violence in society.

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