Jason Isaac

Senior Instructor

MDTA PURE RBSD Instructor - Level 4
Certified to train the General Public in MDTA’s Pure Reality Based Self Defence.
(Holding Component SC001 - SC002)

Eligible to Instruct as a General Public Private Trainer and run MDTA structured sessions.
Not Certified to Grade.

Jason holds his MDTA 3rd Degree Black Belt, and is an MDTA PURE RBSD Instructor Level 4.

Jason is a certified and registered MDTA Instructor, with proven experience and qualifications in all MDTA Structures and Foundations, MDTA Advanced Techniques, MDTA Advanced Systems and Techniques as well as a full and thorough knowledge of the MDTA belt systems and Session Structures.

Jason has graded through the MDTA system and has proven his physical and psychological capabilities to deal with all areas of the physiology and psychology of violence. Undertaking training in dealing with compliant and non-compliant behaviours, with a full understanding and proven application of using assessment measures and threat management when dealing with anger, aggression and violent encounters. Jason completed his full contact grading requirements for Black Belt level, as well as his full assessment for his second degree level in MDTA.

Jason Isaac has been recognised and registered as a Master Practitioner (Pure RBSD Instructor - MP) and recognised for his clear and capable knowledge and understanding of the physiology and psychology of the MDTA system. Earning an MP certification confirming his ability to deliver the highest possible standard and leadership as a Certified Instructor.

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