Junior Training

General Public Training Sessions

Ages 14 to 17

Pure Reality Based Self Defence for dealing with the anger, aggression and violence in society today. We don't just teach you the physical skills, we teach you to deal with the psychology of violence and self preservation. Our training teaches you verbal de-escalation skills, and physical de-escalation skills to deal with facing anger, aggression and violence, as well as the physcial techniques for real self defence.

We teach you
  • Facing anger, aggression and violence.
  • Dealing with your fear & adrenaline.
  • Developing environmental & situational awareness.
  • Dealing with compliant, belligerent and non-compliant behaviour.
  • Threat assessment.
  • Prevention strategies.
  • Physical Self Defence Techniques.
  • The law & self defence.

  • Junior membership information
    You are trained in all areas of dealing with the physiology and psychology of facing real aggression and violence, and the physical self defence skills that will work for you.