Controlling Distance

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Seminar Outline
This MDTA seminar is not about changing or disputing technique. It’s about providing your students with a look at the realities of anger, aggression and violence. And how their techniques and applications as taught in your system are applied to today’s violence in society. Reinforcing what you have already trained your students in. We don't just deal with the physical, we deal with the psychology of anger, aggression, violence and self-preservation. Our seminars specifically deal with the self-defence strategies and applications for real life self-defence. Using the techniques and skills already developed through your traditional martial art style or system.

Give your students the opportunity to reinforce what you have taught them, by running an MDTA seminar, run by Karl Thornton, a specialist in the physiology and psychology of violence. With real life tactical operational experience in the field.


MDTA offer Mixed Male and Female or Female Only seminars.

Seminar Instructor
All training is run by Karl Thornton.
3rd Dan Black Belt Diploma (IBF).
MDTA - 3rd Degree Black Belt.
MDTA - Registered Combatives & Tactical Operations Instructor.
Registered Instructor with the World Combat Association.
Diploma of Security & Risk Management.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

We cover
  • Dealing with anger, aggression and violence.
  • Dealing with your fear & adrenaline.
  • Developing environmental & situational awareness.
  • Dealing with compliant, belligerent and non-compliant behaviour.
  • Threat assessment.
  • Prevention strategies.
  • Self Defence Techniques. (Techniques as used by your style.)
  • The law & self defence.

  • Training includes your clubs physical techniques required for self defence

    Seminar options: 2, 3, 4 hour seminars. As well as full day training seminars.