Bodyguard Training - AHT

Specialist Training Only - Anti-Human Trafficking

This training is for professional bodyguards who are looking at working one-up in Anti-Human Trafficking environments. Where you need to escort a client into high risk zones, under LPS conditions.

MDTA Training is utilized by many Government and Non-Government AHT organisations . It is not an RTO course or licensing course. It is realistic professional training for serious professionals in the AHT field.

Note: Tactics for CPP in High Risk Environments - AHT.
(Requires verification of the participants identity and licensing as a Bodyguard)

Licensed Bodyguard.
Licensed Security Operations.
All training is run by a qualified instructor.
Diploma of Security & Risk Management.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.
Certified Police Trainer.
Qualified Baton & Handcuffs.
Qualified & Certified Firearms.
Qualified Undercover Operations.
Qualified Human Trafficking Investigation.

AHT - Bodyguard Training Programs

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