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Professional Security Training Only

Training For: International Security Personnel in, High Resistance Defensive Tactics training.

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MDTA provides a specialised training program for Security Personnel in the area of high resistance defensive tactics training. Covering unarmed defensive tactics, arrest and control, handcuffs, batons, self-defence, search-and-seizure and weapons training.

Covering: options and applications in techniques for physical response to aggressive and violent confrontations. Dealing with compliant and non-compliant individuals, covering use of force guidelines within the Law and policies of the applicable Country.

Note: All techniques and systems are within the law relating to the use of force guidelines.

This training will fit in with current training systems and does not replace techniques and or systems as provided by the approved Countries security training programs, our training is designed to enhance the individuals defensive tactics skills. However, MDTA can also develop and implement training programs for Security organisations that are changing or developing new policy or training programs, or are introducing specialised departments or special operations groups.

Karl is a Specialist Instructor in training Tactical Operations personnel. Specialising in training, Anti-Human Trafficking and Criminal Investigation Divisions.

Licensed Bodyguard.
Licensed Security Operations.
Diploma of Security & Risk Management.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.
Certified Police Trainer.
Qualified Baton & Handcuffs.
Qualified & Certified Firearms.

Security Training Programs
(*Not all training programs are offered in Australia.)