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Over the years MDTA has been asked when and where they are expanding to, as our system of personal protection and self preservation techniques are in high demand.

As not everyone has access to, or can attend MDTA locations. We now offer "Online Tutorials."

Karl Thornton - Principal Instructor.
"I understand the need for physical training. These video tutorials are for information purposes, and will require the participant to find a training partner to learn the physical aspects".

MDTA realise that there is a need for the MDTA Reality Based Self Defense system to be available to those who cannot attend for whatever reason.

All MDTA techniques are provided online, as well as all information in relation to the dynamics and applications.

This is an online environment with access for direct correspondence and contact with Karl Thornton

Only $19.95 per month
This will be via an online Members area.

3 Training Levels
  • Level 1: 19 weeks of tutorials.
  • Level 2: 15 weeks of tutorials.
  • Level 3: 12 weeks of tutorials.

  • (Each training level MUST be completed before accessing the next)

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    • Weekly Technique Videos.
    • Direct Correspondence
    • Discounted seminars and workshops.

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