Private Session Terms and Conditions
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You MUST book your private session/s via the website Private Request you will then be sent a confirmation via email or SMS with the booking details.
For General Public: Each session/s must be pre-paid to confirm booking. Payment can be made via Direct Debit, PayPal, Credit Card or EFT and all information will be contained in your confirmation email or SMS. Once payment has been made, this will confirm that the “Private Session/s” are confirmed and booked. For MDTA Members: Each session/s will be paid by Direct Debit as scheduled by MDTA Administration.
For General Public and MDTA Members: You MUST cancel at least 24 hours before your booked private session/s. You will receive a confirmation of booked session/s the day before your booked session/s via SMS, where you will be asked to confirm or cancel your booking. If we receive your cancelation in the time specified or via the SMS message, you will not be charged. However if you don’t cancel 24 hours before your booked session or reply to the SMS with your cancellation when received, you will be charged for the session/s. In the case of multiple hour sessions, you will be charged for the first hour only.
For General Public and MDTA Members: You MUST arrive on time for your private session/s As there is a high probability of another session/s after yours, we need to keep all private sessions running on time. Therefore if you are running late for a session/s, they will still only run for the time scheduled. We cannot start the session/s late. You will still be charged for the booked session/s time.

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