Refresher Training

General Public Refresher Training Sessions

For Previous Members ONLY

As you will recall during your time training with MDTA. I would always state the need for refresher training. Like everything in life, when we stop training, we become inactive in our reactions in relation to self-defence. We need to make sure we stay as reactive as possible. That is why at MDTA we have introduced refresher training options. Where you can register for 1 month to refresh your skills.

Training in
  • Understanding the realities of anger, aggression and violence.
  • How to understand and deal with your fear & adrenaline.
  • Developing environmental & situational awareness.
  • Dealing with compliant, belligerent and non-compliant behaviour.
  • Prevention strategies.
  • Threat assessment measures.
  • Threat management applications.
  • The law & self defence.

  • Refresher information
    Simply complete the form on this page, and you will be set to go.

    Refresher COST: $100
    This entitles you to train for 1 month (4 weeks). Attending as many sessions as you like.
    (You do not need to complete a Direct Debit form, you simply pay by Credit Card.)

    If it makes you feel more comfortable, you don't need to wear your belt, to allow you to fit into the session without any expectations.