What will MDTA teach our personnel and will it get them in trouble?

As a professional self defence training organisation we realise the concerns many organisations have regarding physical self defence techniques that may be taught to their personnel. That is where MDTA specialise in training personnel in techniques that are within an organisations policies and guidelines as well as within all Government Standards and self defence law. The physical self defence techniques we teach are dependent on the organisations policies, procedures and positional requirements of the employee or personnel.

NOTE: We train your personnel in the category that fits their current role/position.

The 3 classifications of techniques offered.
  • 1. Evade & Escape Techniques.
  • These techniques are physical techniques taught to individuals to get themselves out of a physical situation, where negotiation and de-escalation has failed, and they are about to be assaulted. Evade & Escape techniques are to get them out of harms way as soon as possible with physical redirect and escape techniques.

  • 2. Personal Protection Self Defence.
  • These techniques are general self defence techniques that are within the law that an individual can use to legally protect themselves against a physical attack. The physical self defence skills to use what force is necessary to defend themselves and stop a threat.

  • 3. Security / Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics.
  • These techniques and systems are taught in the area of high resistance defensive tactics training. Covering unarmed defensive tactics, arrest and control, handcuffs, batons, self-defence, search-and-seizure and weapons training.

    How do I know what we need?

    Evade & Escape Techniques.
    If your organisation is one where your personnel can be confronted or may need to deal with angry, aggressive and potentially violent individuals. However, the role/position they are required to complete doesn’t require them to be physical and or hold any responsibilities to provide a physical response. Then Evade & Escape may be all they require.

    Personal Protection Self Defence.
    If your organisation is one where your personnel can be confronted or may need to deal with angry, aggressive and potentially violent individuals. And where there is a higher probability, they may face physical aggression and violence. Then you may need to consider adding Personal Protection Self Defence as required.

    Security / Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics.
    The only time your organisation would require Security / Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics is if their role is in those areas where restraint and control and use of force requirements are mandatory.
    Where any physical self defence techniques are taught by MDTA. From evade and escape, personal protection, through to high resistance defensive tactics. All physical skills are within Australian Government Standards and within the Use Of Force Law.

    PSPGEN032 Deal with conflict.
    CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation.
    CPPSEC3013A Control persons using empty hand techniques.
    CPPSEC2017A Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques.

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