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Situational awareness

Professional Training Only

Specialising in what is called Rapid Prime Decision (RPD) Making Processes. Training your staff in techniques for fast action under duress and stress.

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Program Outline

Professional Training

Situational Awareness training is taught to staff or personnel that deal with behaviours of concern, and environments of low, medium to high risk. Having trained situational awareness can give you an edge, an edge to identify behaviours of concern and avoid physical confrontations.

MDTA Situational Awareness training will teach your staff to determine the difference between odd and suspicious behaviours, and how to identify indicators that require quick intervention to avoid any possible threat.

MDTA Situational Awareness training is provided where there are NO physical self defence techniques taught, it is all situational awareness only.

All training is run by a qualified instructor.
Diploma of Security & Risk Management.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Situational Awareness Training Options