Specialist Police Training - Anti-Human Trafficking

Training for Police personnel working in high-risk environments in AHT.

MDTA provides a specialised training program for personnel and personnel deployed into high-risk environments. Training for Law Enforcement personnel working in Anti-Human Trafficking.

We teach

Coordinating an effective AHT service.
Maintaining a secure environment.
How to provide for the safety of persons at risk.
Controlling access points.
Responding to a AHT risk.
Identification of possible trafficking indicators.
Assessing AHT risk management options.
Implementing an AHT risk management plan.
Checkpoint Management.
Training in all physical responses required.

Note: Physical training is in High Resistance Defensive tactics.

MDTA provides specialised training programs for Law Enforcement Personnel in the area of high resistance defensive tactics training. Covering unarmed defensive tactics, arrest and control, Handcuffs, Batons, self-defence, search-and-seizure and weapons training.

Specialist Firearms Training Also Available.


Licensed Bodyguard.
Licensed Security Operations.
Diploma of Security & Risk Management.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.
Certified Police Trainer.
Qualified Baton & Handcuffs.
Qualified & Certified Firearms.
Karl Thornton has been a specialist in the AHT field since 2010.
Individual Member of ILEETA
(International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association)
Founding Member of ILET Network
(International Law Enforcement Training Network)

For AHT Police Training you need to contact MDTA (Law Enforcement) with your requierments:

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