MDTA is about training individuals or teams in techniques and systems that will work in their current working environments.

Our sessions focus on training your personnel in the skills they required while working within the organisations Policies & Procedures. Our training programs are developed to equip your personnel with the skills to deal with behaviours of concern. Dealing with individuals where anger, aggression and or violence may be involved.

MDTA's training programs provide the skills for individuals working in occupations where there is a need to place themselves in vulnerable situations, real self-preservation and self-protection skills, covering Situational Awareness, Conflict Management, and Physical Self Defence skills.

Training Package Options

Training can be held at your location, or at the MDTA Training Centre.
You can select one training option or a combination, depending on your requirements.

Situational Awareness training is for personnel dealing with behaviours of concern in low, medium, and high-risk environments. Trained Situational Awareness will them an edge, an edge to identify behaviours of concern and avoid physical confrontations, or if unavoidable, put them in a position of advantage.

MDTA Situational Awareness training will teach your personnel to determine the difference between odd and suspicious behaviours and identify indicators that require quick intervention to avoid any possible threat.

MDTA Situational Awareness training has NO Physical Self Defence techniques taught; it is Situational Awareness only.

Module 1: Situational Awareness
Developing situational awareness.
Optimal situational awareness.
The OODA Loop.
WYORB - The colour code system.
Observation skills.
Behavioural analysis.
Baselines & anomalies.

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Conflict Management training is for personnel who face the challenges of behaviours of concern, to develop skills to deal with behaviours that place them and others at risk.

Our Conflict Management training offers a "person centred" approach, and gives personnel the skills to approach behaviours of concern in a positive and effective way dealing with facing challenging behaviour in a positive and effective manner.

This program provides a framework and techniques for Conflict Management where direct intervention by personnel has become necessary to prevent actual harm to themselves, or any other individual. Applying negotiation and deescalation skills for harm minimisation.

Module 2: Conflict Management
Dealing with anger & aggression.
Defining behaviour.
Dealing with compliant, belligerent and non-compliant behaviour.
Threat assessment.
Verbal & physical assertiveness.
Prevention strategies.
Conflict management techniques.

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Physical Self Defence training is for dealing with aggression and violence. We don't just teach the physical skills required, we also cover the psychology of anger, aggression, violence and self preservation. This program specifically deals with self defence strategies and applications for the work place. Looking at the realities of anger, aggression and how to survive an aggressive or violent encounter.

Techniques range from evade and escape techniques to full use of force depending on the organisation's policies and procedures.

Note: Physical Self Defence techniques range from:

1. Evade & Escape Techniques.
(To get out of harms way as soon as possible with physical redirect and escape techniques)

2. Use of Force Self Defence.
(The Physical Self Defence skills to use what force is necessary to defend themselves and stop a threat)

3. Third Party Protection.
(For personnel where there is a need to intervene in a physical situation involving others)

If you are not sure what physical self defence techniques your personnel require, you can always contact us for more information.

Module 3: Physical Self Defence
Threat assessment.
The law & self defence.
Controlling distance & position.
Responding to belligerent and non-compliant behaviour.
Verbal & physical responses.
Industry specific physical techniques.

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