Specialist Training - Child Recovery Agent

Training for Child Recovery, working in high-risk environments in ACT.

TBA - LATE 2024 - 10 Day Course
Limited to 10 places

MDTA provides a specialised training course for Child Recovery, in recovery and repatriation. For personnel deployed into high-risk environments. Training for child recovery personnel working in Anti-Child Trafficking.

Who is this training for?
This training is for anyone currently working in, or interested in the Child Recovery industry. This course is a specialist course, it is for professional skills training.

Course Covers

Recovery & Repatriation Foundations
MOU & NDA (Agreements)
How to provide for the safety of persons at risk
Identification of possible trafficking indicators
Assessing ACT security risk management options
Implementing an ACT security risk management plan
Coordinating an effective Recovery
Coordinating an effective Repatriation
Training in all physical responses required

Note: Physical training depending on requirements.


Karl Thornton is an active Agent for the Child Recovery Agency, with over 13 years experience, deployed to high-risk environments conducting covert surveillance, intelligence gathering and child recovery (rescue) and repatriation operations. Karl works with other anti-trafficking organisation’s and Law Enforcement organisations. Karl is an instructor (Contractor) for the Cambodian National Police Anti-Human Trafficking, Juvenile Protection, and Criminal Investigation Departments.

Karl is still contracted by Government as well as Non-Government organisation’s for his expertise in Child Recovery, and his Anti-Child Trafficking, high-risk environment skills.

Karl's Qualifications as your Facilitator

Licensed Bodyguard.
Licensed Security Operations
Diploma of Security & Risk Management
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Certified Police Trainer
Qualified Crisis Negotiator
Qualified Undercover Operations
Qualified Human Trafficking Investigation
Qualified in Predictive Profiling
Certificate in Neurophysiology
Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology
With over a 13 years of experience in the ACT field

Click here for more information on Karl’s Experience
Click here for more information on Karl’s Qualifications

Course Information

Duration: 10 Day Course
Location: MDTA Training Center
Croydon, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Includes 2 day live scenario training camp off-site
Date: TBA - LATE 2024
Cost Before TBA: $1,450
Cost After TBA: $1,550

IBA Certified Cost: $1,350

Note: Minimum 5 participants, Maximum 10 participants

Cost is for the training course only, not your travel or accommodation costs.