Government & Non-Government Contractor.
Anti-Human Trafficking Operations
(Child Recovery Agent)
High Risk Environment Specialist

Karl was one of 538 Pty Ltd security groups top EPS (Executive Protection Specialist) Operatives and specialised as a Primary Escort and Secure Transportation driver. Karl was assigned to protect some of Australia’s top CEO’s and Executives for some of Australia’s leading companies. As well as protection services for well-known National and International individuals within the entertainment industry.

Karl is an active Agent for the Child Recovery Agency, (Formerly Silent Integrity Inc.) deployed to some of the world’s most high risk environments, conducting covert surveillance, intelligence gathering and child recovery (rescue) operations. As well as having worked with other NGO anti-trafficking organisation’s as part of a physical response team with the Royal Thai Police, Anti-Human Trafficking Division. Karl is also a contracted instructor for the Cambodian National Police Anti-Human Trafficking, Juvenile Protection, and Criminal Investigation Departments.

Karl is contracted by Government as well as Non-Government organisation’s for his expertise in Child Recovery, and his Anti-Human Trafficking, high risk environment skills.

Karl also currently instructs MDTA self defence systems to Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals, Special Operations Personnel, Corporate Enterprises, Community Service Providers, and to the General Public.

Karl is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association.
Membership Eligibility Membership in ILEETA is select. You must be involved in the delivery of education or training to the criminal justice community by being an educator, trainer, or supervisor or manager of criminal justice education or training. There are no associate members, student members, nor can just any law enforcement officer or criminal justice professional become a member. Certifications, licenses or a letter of reference from a criminal justice agency can be provided to meet this requirement. Karl is also a Founding member of the International Law Enforcement Trainers Network.

Karl was awarded the Medaille OTT in 2012 by the International Bodyguard Association. This Medal is the IBA's medal for meritous and protective service by a person who has served in an area in conflict providing protection. Karl was awarded the Medaille OTT for his operational service in South East Asia in protective services and his exemplary behaviour under hostile conditions. Also being awarded the Guardian Cross of Merit (First Class) in 2021

Karl was awarded the Shaolin Black Sash Honour. The Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng, China has a 1500 year, documented history of traditional martial arts and holds an unparalleled significance for many people around the world. The Black Sash Award was awarded to Karl by Graham Slater of traditional martial arts Australia.

In 2019 Karl was awarded The Most Professional Child Recovery Agent by Corporate Visions Global Security Awards.

Karl, is a Registered Instructor with the World Combat Association.

The WCA was founded by Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson of the UK’s British Combat Association (BCA); an organisation that changed the face of traditional martial arts, not only domestically but in a wider international context.

Launched in 2008 by Peter Consterdine, with Geoff Thompson as Co-Chief Instructor, the WCA is the organisation for our international groups and their Instructors. The WCA was, very much, a product of demand. For many years, overseas interest in the British Combat Association could not really be satisfied by a domestic U.K. organisation, hence the formation of the World Combat Association where all the benefits of membership open to our BCA people are now available globally.

Karl is also the International author of the best selling books, Violence Evolving, Controlling Distance, In Your Hands, and the book about Saving Children The Karl Thornton Story.

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