Principal Instructor

Karl Thornton
Karl is one of Australia's most experienced and qualified combatives instructors.
A leading expert in the Physiology and Psychology of anger, aggression and violence in self defence situations and applications.

Australian Principal Instructor MDTA
1st Dan Black Belt, Gan Gan Tao
3rd Degree Black Belt MDTA
3rd Dan Black Belt Diploma (IBF)
Industry Accredited Martial Arts Instructor
MDTA - Registered Combatives & Tactical Operations Instructor
Registered Instructor with the World Combat Association
Certificate II in Security Operations
Certificate III in Security Operations
Certificate III in Investigative Services
Diploma of Security & Risk Management
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Qualified Baton & Handcuffs
Qualified Firearms, Qualified Private Investigator
Certificate IV in Government (Investigation)
Qualified Crisis Negotiator
Qualified Undercover Operations
Qualified Human Trafficking Investigation
Diploma of Professional Counselling
Certified Police Trainer (CNP)
Qualified in Predictive Profiling
Certificate in Neurophysiology
Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Master Practitioner level (NLPMp)
Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology


Licensed Security Operations
Licensed Bodyguard
Licensed Private Investigator
Licensed Private Security Trainer
Licensed Firearms


Member of the WCA
(World Combat Association)

Industry Accredited Martial Arts Instructor
(Martial Arts Australia)
Associate Member of the IBA
(International Bodyguard Association)
Member of the IBF
(International Budo Federation)
Member of ILEETA
(International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association)
Member of ASIS International
Member of ASIAL
(Australian Security Industry Association Limited)

Former Member of The British Bodyguard Association


The Medaille OTT
(Awarded by the: International Bodyguard Association)
Shaolin Black Sash Honour
(Awarded by: Graham Slater - traditional martial arts Australia)
Most Professional Child Recovery Agent 2019
(Awarded by: CV Magazine 2019 Global Security & Investigations Awards)
The Guardian Cross of Merit - First Class
(Awarded by: The International Bodyguard Association)


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