MDTA offers specialised training for individuals and teams to develop the necessary techniques and systems for their current work environment.

Our training sessions focus on equipping your personnel with the skills required for their job roles while adhering to your organisation's policies and procedures. Our programs are specifically developed to prepare your personnel to handle challenging situations and behaviours of concern. They are designed to teach your personnel how to deal with individuals who may exhibit anger, aggression, or violence.

At MDTA, our training programs are not just about theory. We focus on equipping individuals in high-risk occupations with practical self-preservation and self-protection skills. These include Situational Awareness, Conflict Management, and Physical Self-Defense techniques, all of which are crucial for those who often find themselves in vulnerable situations.

Our training sessions are not one-size-fits-all. We tailor them to align with your organisation's Policies & Procedures, ensuring that your personnel are equipped with the skills to handle behaviours of concern, such as anger, aggression, and violence.

MDTA's training programs provide the skills for individuals working in occupations where they may be exposed to vulnerable situations. These skills include real self-preservation and self-protection, Situational Awareness, Conflict Management, and Physical self-defence.

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